eBike v1

I still really dislike London’s tube and wanted longer range than with the esk8, so I built a DIY city commuter eBike.


Frame: Trek Marlin 6 (2019, XXL, 29″ wheels) [link]
Brakes: TEKTRO hydraulic brakes HD-E350 disc brakes with electric cutoff sensor [link]
Motor: MAC 12T hub (53621HR-CD Rear, Cassette 138mm – 12T) [link]
ESC: Trampa VESC 6+ (100A continuous, FOC mode) [link] + Metr Pro (Bluetooth module) [link]
Battery: 4x Turnigy Graphene Professional 12000mAh 6S15C LiPo (12s2p configuration) [link]
BMS: DieBieMS v0.9 [link]
Battery case: Topeak Uni Super Tourist DX (non-disk) [link] + Topeak MTX Trunkbag EX [link]

Real life stats

Consumption: 19Wh/km average with a fully loaded bike, backpack and an aggressive driving style (sharp acceleration, late braking)
Range: ~ 50km (31 miles) on a single charge
Speed: ~40km/h (25 mph) theoretical max, software limited & used according to the UK law

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